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How to Use WASEL Pro OpenVPN for iOS

Jan. 23, 2017, 4:30 a.m.

Download WASEL Pro VPN for iOS (iPhone/ iPad) from iTunes by clicking on the following picture:

NOTE: if you are trying to connect using OpenVPN on iOS and you get an error or get an authentication failure, please make sure that you are not using WASEL Pro OpenVPN application on another device. Log into your profile on and click on the hyperlink to drop the current OpenVPN session.

If you're a paid user, go to "change server" from the icons below

On the top bar, next to "WASEL Pro" logo, tap on the "L2TP" icon to switch to OpenVPN protocol.

Tap on the server address you would like to use, then tap on "Change Server"

If you don't have an OpenVPN client on your device, you will be requested to install it from iTunes.

After installing the OpenVPN client, go back to WASEL Pro VPN application. Press on the server's address again followed by a tap on "change server".

You will be asked which one to use to open profile, select the OpenVPN icon at the bottom

Press the green "+" button to install the profile on your device

Slide the VPN "On" button to connect. (You can find it below "disconnected")